Summerschool in Neuchâtel

Japanese yoga retreat, Rüti bei Riggisberg, 3-4-5 November

with Eric Graf

Dive into Japanese yoga and meditation for one weekend.
Learn more about yourself, awaken more of your potential, Breathing exercises, Energy exercises,
Yogic gymnastics, Treatments with a partner, Meditation, Nature

Health, Wellbeing and Progress

Benefit from the experience and passion for this meditative and healing art from the Swiss Expert in Japanese Yoga. Join us for this seminar of which the atmosphere will for sure be incredible and positive.

Eric Graf has a doctorate in statistics and mathematics, is a 6th black belt in Aikido and has been practising Japanese yoga for almost 26 years. He is the author of several books published in different languages. He is a direct student of Master Masatomi Ikeda, founder of the Genkikai, and has been delegated by Master Ikuhiro Kubota to teach the Kinorenma in Europe. He lives from teaching these disciplines, all centred on personal development, in his centres in Neuchâtel and Bienne in Switzerland. He also regularly gives seminars in Switzerland and in Europe. Thanks to the experience he has accumulated over the years, several trips to Japan and the extraordinary people he has met in his own trainings, he has been able to develop a unique and outstanding programme combining modern coaching techniques with the ancestral knowledge of martial arts masters and yogis.

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